About Us

You can finally afford your style!

For once you’ll explore fashion the way you’ve always wanted, and you can do it all on a budget.

Yes, we said the forbidden word in fashion. And we’ll add the most cliché phrase to it: don’t break the bank! ‘Cos we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Sunshine Reveal is a black-owned modern clothing line meeting the style, and needs of the classic, funky, and stylish clothing for gentlemen and ladies. That’s it; we only work for you, no one else. 

The job we do is to provide the best products upfront. You bring the wow factor!

Our dedication is to match your great personality with the most stunning fashion pieces. The kind you’ve always had in mind.


Here are 5 things that describe us:

1. A complete closetful of sunshine

    Sunshine Reveal is a gallery of comfy female and functional male clothing. We collect the most deceptively simple and elegant styles.

    You’ll find the chicest pieces among the most comfortable and upbeat wears.

    It smells like summer here?

    That’s because summer is what we are all about. This season, dare to be trendy, laid back, and light with our:

    • Thin-fabric comfortable denim and sweatpants
    • Tissue-soft tees, henleys, and polos. Plus a bunch of Oxfords. No one ever goes wrong with those!
    • Iconic shorts, beach wears, and more than a handful of bikinis
    • Light hoodies, sweatshirts, and elegant sweaters
    • Sweat absorbent sportswear
    • Sneakers and comfortable leather footwears 
    • Gorgeous flexible leggings for comfortable workout sessions
    • Smoking hot jumpsuits for a night out with the girls. Or guys.

      Dress it down or dress it up; the choice is all yours. We only provide options. More every day.

      2. Something for everyone

      Don’t slay alone, get something for the whole family. Even babies.

      Buy the perfect gift for boys and girls. Start early on your way to becoming the best aunt or uncle. It won’t cost you much.

      Shop our exclusive plus size categories for amazing curvalicious ladies. Do you want to find out how awesome your summer style is? We do too.

      There’s an entire collection of stunning beach wears, swimwear, and casual delicates just for that.

      Be bold, be unique, we’re behind you.

      3. Accessorize on your way out

      Everyone gets extras!

      • The perfect sunglasses.
      • Safety-first baby head protectors for when the baby goes out.
      • The most bizarre collection of soft cotton leg warmers and stockings.
      • Cute and simple jewelry sets.
      • Oh, and buy a hat too.

          Yes, we love to go out in the sun but sometimes, we have to protect that skin from too much of it.

          4. We quid the quo too!

          We reward loyalty. From time to time, we make our products even easier to shop for.

          Get triple the warmth you show us with double-on-double sale prices. Our products sell for 3X less than what you’d find anywhere else. And if that’s not enough, we give you more!

          Nothing comes closer to the fun as that: the freedom to buy more and to be the true you.

          We’re serving you affordable elegant fashion, sunny side up.
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